Thursday, November 13, 2008

Bla Bla Bla

Now, i still stay at office. Dont misunderstand, i'm not claim OT just now. I just blogging here. Sound quite boring but this is the way to forget something that i care about. I very sad this few days, because........what can i do? I working harder at office, trying find people chatting around, try all the ways to make me tired so that i can sleep at the night. Am i coward? Definitely, i too care, i cant put it down. But, i'm trying, blogging hopes can help =) This is day 4, hopes tomorrow will be better. GAMBATEH!!!


LOL! What is that? When i sent this photo to my friends, she says is black drumstick!! Oh god! How cute is she. Haha. This picture took at my house kitchen. LOL! It look so scary, but.....after cook(My mum dont dare to cook, neighbour done it)...i had try some (because of curious) scary...but delicious =/ Until now, i still scare (revenge of croco) LOL! because Sibu is low line area, flooding there flooding here. =/