Thursday, December 18, 2008

Sexy Ping Pong

Hahahaha. 18 sx photo here. After working hour, this is my entertainment - ping pong. Besides, sometimes i also will play badminton with friends at there or Kanowit.

Greeting Card

On 10/12/2008, I had received this small and cute greeting card from my colleague. Few yearsss didnt received those kind of thing. But im happy and appreciate it =)

Happy Gawai? Haha. Nonono, it is farewell party. One of my colleague, already resigned and she asks me and others to eat and drink at her home. At that night i drink almost 4 to 5 glass of DUAT (Iban alcohol drink) but i still havent drunk yet. Hehe=)

Pay Day

Long time didn't update my blog. Hehe. This is because im lazy walking 100 steps from hostel to my office for surfing net. How lazy am i. Haha. Boh Pian ah! Then, what to do with this photo? What happen there? There are TKI (tenaga kerja indonesia) waiting for me or admin staff to distibute wages to them. I still remember when first time come here, i think TKI is stand for some english words but now realize that my company is patriotic one =) Use BM mostly. I had been almost 5 months here, and will contribute to the payroll process during month end, then ias i know the highest salary that can earned by one indon is RM5+++.++. WOW!! A lot izzit? My sis also work in same company with me at Account Department. She told me that he is Superman! HAHA. i agreed with her. But, actually got another one TKI help him doing the jobs. For conclusion, one TKI can earn mostly 2 thousand plus per month, higher than me =/ but TKI need works very x 10000000 hard to get that.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Move to the New Hostel

This is my new hostel kitchen. Nice? 2nite my housemate and i will cook some foods to celebrate it. =)

View from upstair of new Hostel. As we can see that, my office and old hostel is in the midle of photo. It is quite far from my room and i need wake up early =/ walking more than 100 steps!!

View from upstair of hostel.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Oil Palm Tree

This is the scenery of my working place. There is around 10000 hectare, fully planted with oil palm trees. There is also the place that we can get a lot of wild animal (food) =)

My Office and Hostel

On the left hand side is my hostel and office is on the right. Every working days, i wake up around 7.45am (still have enough time to take a morning bath) and go to office. Because the office is so close (30 steps from my bed to my office chair). Hehe.

This is my seat, plastic chair =/ My table full of documents. Therefore, tonight need do OT again =/

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Bla Bla Bla

Now, i still stay at office. Dont misunderstand, i'm not claim OT just now. I just blogging here. Sound quite boring but this is the way to forget something that i care about. I very sad this few days, because........what can i do? I working harder at office, trying find people chatting around, try all the ways to make me tired so that i can sleep at the night. Am i coward? Definitely, i too care, i cant put it down. But, i'm trying, blogging hopes can help =) This is day 4, hopes tomorrow will be better. GAMBATEH!!!