Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Move to the New Hostel

This is my new hostel kitchen. Nice? 2nite my housemate and i will cook some foods to celebrate it. =)

View from upstair of new Hostel. As we can see that, my office and old hostel is in the midle of photo. It is quite far from my room and i need wake up early =/ walking more than 100 steps!!

View from upstair of hostel.


  1. really zhun zhun 100 steps?? LOL :p :p

  2. my man... 100 steps only ah. try to recall back ur uni life when u need to alk more than 100 steps lar. lol... ha ha....

  3. congrats woh...move to new hostel..got TV to watch n computer to play liao oh..haha..